Where is Fez from in That 70s and 90s Show? Fan theories explored

Like many of the cast members on That 70s Show, Wilmer Valderrama had his acting career kickstarted by the beloved sitcom.

However, even to this day, much remains a mystery about his character, Fez, as the show never revealed his real name or the country where he was originally from.

Now, Netflix has revived the sitcom in the form of That 90s Show with Fez returning in a recurring role, sparking many of the questions fans of That 70s Show have long held about the character – chief among them being ‘Where is Fez from? ‘

Fez’s home country remains a mystery

Ever since That 70s Show premiered in 1998, a number of questions about Fez’s identity and his home country have remained unanswered by the show’s writers and cast.

This became a running gag for the sitcom throughout its time on air as several characters regularly tried to pry information out of Fez about his birthplace.

Over That 70s Shows eight seasons, Fez did offer up plenty of clues about where he is from, revealing that he lives on an island where they eat bugs, live in the jungle, and that there are more lizards than people.

Two key pieces of information he revealed during the series are that the island had previously been colonized by the British and the Dutch and that he had to fly via Brazil in order to get there.

That 90s Show © Netflix

Even his real name is also unknown

As well as Fez’s home country going unidentified, even the character’s real name remains unknown.

Instead, Fez is a nickname derived from FES, an acronym for Foreign Exchange Student.

During That 70s Show, it was confirmed that Fez’s real name was incredibly hard to pronounce and that his surname contains a number of Ks, the first five of which are silent.

At one point, Fez can be seen mouthing his name but eagle-eyed viewers noticed he was actually mouthing the names of his cast mates in an effort to dupe fans.

That 90s Show © Netflix | Patrick Wymore

That 70s and 90s Show fan theories suggest where Fez might be from

Fans of That 70s Show have theorized about the location of Fez’s home country ever since the sitcom first started airing.

While a definitive answer will probably never be revealed, fan theories have come up with several highly possible locations when considering some of the clues Fez has offered up over the years.

As the island where Fez lives is accessible via Brazil, it would suggest it is located somewhere in the Caribbean.

Sint Eustatius

One lesser-touted theory, but arguably among the most likely, is the tiny island of Sint Eustatius which is located between Anguilla and St Kitts & Nevis. The island changed hands between the British, Dutch and French several times during the colonial era but is part of the Netherlands today.

During the American Revolution, the island’s population refused to support the British and a great deal of American supplies were shipped through Sint Eustatius, which would explain why the British hate the island’s people.

British Virgin Islands

Another possible theory states that the British Virgin Islands are Fez’s home as they were once owned by the Dutch (known then as the Dutch Virgin Islands) and have an incredibly hard name to pronounce in Dutch, ‘Nederlandse Maagdeneilanden.’


One other possible location in the Caribbean is the island nation of Aruba, again owned by the Netherlands today but has also been ruled by the British during the colonial era. One of the main reasons why fans believe Aruba to be Fez’s homeland is that the main language spoken there is Papiamento, which is a blend of Spanish and Portuguese, hence his hard-to-place accent.

New Guinea

And finally, the island of New Guinea in Oceania is another popular theory among some fans. The island is split into two countries, the west half is part of Indonesia while the east forms the country of Papua New Guinea.

The Indonesian part of New Guinea was once owned by the Dutch until after the Second World War, while Papua New Guinea was once occupied by Britain and Germany and remains part of the Commonwealth to this day.

The fact that Germany once had involvement would explain why one of Fez’s languages ​​is German but the Oceanic island is a long old way from Brazil, making a connecting flight via Brazil to be an unlikely prospect.

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That 90s Show is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 19, 2023.

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