Is the Bank Of Dave’s lawyer Hugh Stockwell based on a real person?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Bank Of Dave*

Netflix’s newest arrival, Bank Of Dave, tells the incredible true story of Burnley-based businessman David Fishwick as he attempts to set up his own bank to help people who have been let down by London’s high-flying financiers.

But while Dave may be the focus of the story, fans initially follow a lawyer by the name of Hugh Stockwell as he is introduced to the unique and fascinating challenge that Dave’s case presents.

However, films based on real events are often guilty of embellishing the story for dramatic purposes, whether that’s tweaking the narrative slightly or adding in a character or two to help the flow of the plot.

But is that the case with Hugh – is he based on a real person or was the lawyer created specifically for the Bank Of Dave film?

Bank Of Dave release date and plot

Bank Of Dave landed on Netflix in the UK on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Starring Rory Kinnear as the titular Dave Fishwick, the film is based on the real-life experiences of the Burnley-based businessman who, in 2011, set up his own lending firm to help those in the community who were being failed by high street banks .

However, while the founding of Burnley Savings and Loans may have been a step in the right direction, it wasn’t long before Dave’s venture attracted the attention of London’s financial elite who looked to prevent the firm from being awarded the first new banking license in over 100 years.

Bank Of Dave © Netflix | Paul Stephenson

Is Bank Of Dave’s lawyer Hugh Stockwell based on a real person?

Well, Hugh Stockwell, the lawyer helping to set up the Bank Of Dave is not based on a real person.

While the real Dave Fishwick would have had help from a number of solicitors in setting up his financing firm, Hugh is not based on a specific individual according to a report from Woman and Home.

Instead, the character has been created for dramatic purposes and to serve as the audience’s entry point into the story.

When we first meet Hugh in the film, he is a London lawyer living in the affluent area of ​​Primrose Hill until he has Dave’s case unwillingly thrust upon him as ‘beggars can’t be choosers.’

However, as Hugh gets used to life up north, he can’t help but begin to root for Dave’s venture and does all he can to get the business off the ground, even putting his own flat up as collateral.

By the end of the film, Hugh decides that Burnley is the place for him after falling for an NHS doctor named Alexandra – who also happens to be Dave’s niece.

The inclusion of Hugh is not the only embellishment in the Bank Of Dave’s story either. While Dave Fishwick did face opposition to his financing firm (which has not been granted a banking license in real life) from members of the London financial elite, none of them targeted Dave’s business in the way we see from Hugh Bonneville’s scheming character, Sir Charles Denbigh, who is another fictional creation.

Bank Of Dave © Netflix

Who plays Hugh?

Taking on the role of Hugh in Bank Of Dave is Joel Fry.

The London-born actor is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has been a regular on our screens since making his debut back in a 2006 episode of The Bill.

Since then, the 37-year-old has appeared in some huge productions in both the world of film and TV.

Fry’s early career saw him appear in a guest comedy series such as Massive, White Van Man, Trollied and Plebs.

In 2014, he began appearing in a recurring role in HBO and Sky’s Game Of Thrones and since then, he’s gone on to feature in the likes of You, Me And The Apocalypse, Requiem, Our Flag Means Death as well as the films Paddington 2 , Yesterday, and Disney’s Cruella.

Bank Of Dave © Netflix

Bank Of Dave is available to stream now on Netflix in the UK after releasing on January 16, 2023.

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