Where is Dave Fishwick from Bank Of Dave now?

Over the years, Netflix has given film fans endless opportunities to check out a wide range of popular new movies. Although the streamer is still best known for TV, there’s no denying that it’s becoming more and more important to the cinematic landscape and a bunch of its original films have even been nominated for Academy Awards.

The platform has already delivered some notable titles in 2023 and the latest to win over viewers is Bank Of Dave.

Directed by Chris Foggin, the British-comedy drama premiered on Monday, January 16th, and tells the tale of a working-class man turned self-made millionaire named Dave Fishwick who strived to establish his own bank in order to help his local community.

It’s actually based on a true story, so let’s familiarize ourselves with the man himself…

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Who is Dave Fishwick?

Dave is a 51-year-old British entrepreneur who is best known for having started Burnley Savings and Loans, aka the Bank Of Dave of the 2023 film’s title.

The Burnley resident ultimately decided to start his own bank after the financial crisis affected the community in 2007.

He spoke to the Mirror back in 2012 and explained how his bank helped those who really needed it.

Burnley Savings and Loan generated a weekly sum of £25,000 from those saving with the organization. So, ensuring he was making a difference, he loaned out money to businesses struggling to raise the cash to survive. Complete with helpful interest rates, he worked to make sure that his business was secure while helping others achieve that same security.

Where is Dave Fishwick now?

Dave is a millionaire after making lots of cash running the country’s largest supplier of mini-buses.

Indeed, he’s also still working at Burnley Loans and Savings, which continues to thrive as a business. It was even the subject of a Channel 4 series called Bank Of Dave in 2012, long before the film of the same name.

Woman and Home reports that Dave still continues to lobby parliament in an attempt to encourage changes to the banking industry to help, while also raising awareness about how businesses can be more financially prosperous.

He more recently helped with the team working on the 2023 biopic about him and his story.

‘Hopefully we have achieved that’

Speaking with BBC Breakfast, Dave recently opened up about what inspired him to start the bank in the first place:

“Late 2008 early 2009 my minibus customers were coming to me for finance. They had done for years. I used to get them a bank loan. Then suddenly that just stopped overnight. The banks just stopped lending. I started to lend the money and then I thought I could help other businesses and lend to other people here. I thought ‘it can’t be that difficult’.”

The film’s director was also interviewed: “We wanted to make a wonderful feel-good movie and hopefully we have achieved that.”

Bank Of Dave is now streaming on Netflix.

In other news, Where is Dave Fishwick from Bank Of Dave now?


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