That 90s Show release time on Netflix confirmed

Running from 1998 until 2006, That 70s Show was a huge part of Fox’s TV output in the early 2000s and gave big breaks to several of today’s big-name actors including Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Laura Prepon.

Now, Netflix is ​​reviving the series for a sequel titled That 90s Show as it picks up the story 20 years later with the kids of the original show’s cast now at center stage.

Naturally, fans of the original series are eager to delve into the revived sitcom, but when exactly is the release time of That 90s Show and what can viewers expect from the show?

That 90s Show plot preview

After the original That 70s Show came to a tear-jerking end as the 1980s began, the sequel series picks up the story in 1995 and follows Leia Forman, daughter of Eric and Donna, as she visits her grandparents for the summer.

When Leia arrives at Red and Kitty’s home, she quickly starts to bond with a new generation of kids living in Point Place, Wisconsin.

Living right next door is the rebellious Gwen whose own group of friends – which includes her brother Nate, his girlfriend Nikki, the sarcastic Ozzie, and the charming Jay – make Leia feel right at home as they begin their own series of misadventures.

That 90s Show © Netflix | Patrick Wymore

That 90s Show release date and time

That 90s Show will be released on Netflix on Thursday, January 19, 2023, and will be made available at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

As with most of Netflix’s new arrivals, That 90s Show will be released at the same time around the world and for fans watching in various time zones across the globe, that translates to:

  • 12am PT in the US
  • 3am ET in the US
  • 8am GMT in the UK
  • 9am CET in Europe
  • 1:30pm IST in India
  • 7pm AEDT in Sydney, Australia
That 90s Show © Netflix | Patrick Wymore

How many episodes in total?

Season 1 of That 90s Show will consist of 10 episodes in total.

Veteran fans of That 70s Show will note that this makes the new series much shorter than the original, as it had between 22 and 27 episodes per season.

However, 10-episode seasons have seemingly become the standard length of most comedy shows on Netflix, so the episode total should not come as a surprise.

On top of that, all 10 episodes will be released in one go, meaning fans will be able to binge the series at their own pace rather than having to wait weekly for new chapters.

The titles of the 10 episodes in That 90s Show are as follows:

  1. That 90s Pilot
  2. Free Leia
  3. Lip Smackers
  4. Rave
  5. Step By Step
  6. The Birthday Girl
  7. Boyfriend Day One
  8. Summer Storm
  9. Dirty Double Booker
  10. Kids In America

Beyond its first season, Netflix has yet to announce whether That 90s Show will be renewed for season 2. The popularity of the original gives the sequel series some hope, but given Netflix’s recent penchant for canceling series, who knows whether a second season will be green lit?

That 90s Show © Netflix | Patrick Wymore

That 90s Show is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday, January 19, 2023.

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