Valhalla related to The Last Kingdom series on Netflix?

As season 2 makes its global debut, fans are curious as to whether Vikings: Valhalla is related to the fellow Netflix series The Last Kingdom.

Need more bare-chested, hair-flowing, axe-wielding, Norsemen and women in your life? Well, Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla has finally returned with its second excellent season.

However, with so many of the characters having similar names, often fighting over similar territories, it’s no wonder that some fans are getting confused between Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, and The Last Kingdom.

Specifically, many are wondering whether Vikings: Valhalla is related to The Last Kingdom.

Well, despite both Netflix series telling the stories of famous Viking warriors, The Last Kingdom (2015-2022) is not related to Vikings: Valhalla (2022-2023) in terms of production.

Vikings: Valhalla is actually a sequel series to Vikings (2013-2020), taking place around 100 years after the original series concluded.

The excellent returning spin-off opens in the year 1002 AD and is set to depict events through until 1066 AD in the Battle of Hastings in season 3.

Meanwhile, The Last Kingdom opened in the year 866 AD and concluded with season 5 around 918 AD.

Vikings creator Michael Hirst noted how Valhalla “couldn’t be on a larger scale than the final episodes of my Vikings because [of] the armies and the big battles we had… You really can’t get much bigger than that, actually.”

“I am beyond excited that we are announcing the continuation of our Vikings saga. I know that the millions of our fans across the globe will be thrilled by the belief being shown in our show by MGM and Netflix. Jeb Stuart, a truly wonderful writer, will bring new story-lines and a powerful visceral vision to stories about some of the most famous Vikings known to history.” – Michael Hirst, via Deadline.

Steve Stark, President of Television Production and Development at MGM, explained how “Valhalla has been a labor of love for everyone involved and as we look ahead to the continuation of this great saga, we are excited to know that fans the world over will have the opportunity to continue with the series on its new home at Netflix.”

How has season 2 been rated online?

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 has been met with positive to mixed reactions from critics and is currently scoring a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, all episodes from the recently released second season are scoring higher on IMDB than the overall series rating, indicating a significant improvement from the first broadcast.

Den of Geek gave season 2 a 4/5 rating in their review, explaining how the new adventure “broadens the size and scope of its world in every conceivable way.”

“There are more storylines, more bloodshed, and even more physical countries than we’ve ever seen before, as the primary narrative fractures into several major arcs and each of the series’ main characters set off on new paths to find their destinies.” – Day of Geek.

Collider rated season 2 at an A-, noting how the series is “a non-stop, breathtaking, utterly relentless foray, following beloved characters into the unknown as they seek their destinies.”

However, not every review was as crazy as these, with ReadySteadyCut giving season 2 a 3.5/5 and GamesRadar following with a 3/5 score.

“It’s tempting to suggest that Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 will not be the stand-out installment by the time the third chapter is released, but this is still an impressive piece of storytelling and one that refuses to allow the audience to give up.” – ReadySteadyCut.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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